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grew up on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina. While attending Gardner-Webb University, she fell in love with small-town college life and writing books. After a stint teaching middle school and being a barista in Raleigh, Brianna moved back to GWU to continue her education and work as a residence hall director. Brianna currently lives in the middle of a dorm and spend her days writing books, helping college students, and attending far too many zoom meetings. She has her BA and MA in English. The Culled Crown is her debut novel.

Brianna Joy Crump

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Destined to compete for the throne, Monroe Benson must fight nine girls for the right to rule. If she wins, she will be crowned queen. To lose is to die.


Monroe Benson is marked and goddess-touched, one of ten heirs to the Erydian throne. When the next Culling is announced, she has no choice but to prepare to fight for her life against nine other marked girls. When the competing heirs begin to drop dead outside of trials, Monroe must decide if her fire ability is enough to protect her from a new unseen enemy. Can she survive the Culling and take the throne, or should she kill the queen and dismantle the competition from the inside? In a palace of lies and power-hungry court members, Monroe must be careful who she trusts.


The Culled Crown is the first book in The Culled Crown series.