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About The Culled Crown

How often does the Culling take place?

As long as it takes for the male heir to be born and for him to come of age. The length between Cullings may vary, but it always starts after the prince's eighteenth birthday. In the case of Monroe's Culling, Queen Viera had been on the throne for nearly thirty years.

How old are the characters in book one?

Ambrose (23) Kace (21) Monroe (17) Britta (25) Larkin (21) Cohen (18) Uri (16) Dellacov (18) Nadia (17)

How do you pronounce Uri's name?


How do you pronounce Erydia/Erydian/Erydi?

Erydia - Air-Rid-E-a Erydian - Air-Rid-E-an Erydi - Air-Rid-ee

About The Toxicant Throne

What ship are you on?

Ship? What ship? *shrugs*

How old is Kai?


Will there be a book three?

YES! I am already writing book three. I hope to have it updating on Wattpad by late summer/early fall 2020.

About The Culled Crown Series

How many books will there be in The Culled Crown series?

The Culled Crown series is a trilogy. Book one and book two are available on Wattpad.

Why is The Culled Crown in the Wattpad Paid Program?

Well, I found a community of Wattpad that I didn't want to give up. I was faced with the choice of trying to traditionally publish or working with Wattpad to give the edited version of the first book to Wattpad readers. If I had done traiditional publishing, it would mean months or years before readers got the series conclusion they want. It would also mean that I would have to take the series off of Wattpad and lose the community I'd built. Joing the Wattpad Paid Program allowed me to continue to give Wattpad readers the series while also giving me a way to make a little bit of money with the books. I am a graduate student and I've been writing the The Culled Crown series for years. While giving the book to readers for free is wonderful, I want to progress in my career and maybe one day be able to live off of my writing. Being a part of the Paid Program gives readers the chance to help me as I continue to give them the books that they love. :)

What order do the books go in?

The books should be read like this: The Culled Crown (book one) Eyes Like The Ocean (novella) The Toxicant Throne (book two)

What inspired you to write The Culled Crown?

A few different things. I was attending my cousins beauty pageant in June of 2017 and while watching the talent portion, I wondered what it might be like if the stakes were a little higher. I'd just recently graduated from college where I'd taken a western civilization course that discussed gladiator fights. I guess that sitting in that darkened theater and watching the girls perform different tricks and talents reminded me of arena fights. The whole thing was sort of a different culture from what I was used to seeing. People were really invested in the whole event and everything to do with the before and after. Girls spent months preparing for it, all of them hoping to be the lucky last girl standing. I'm someone who, aside from wanting to cheer on my cousin, was pretty much an outsider to pageants. I remember sitting there thinking--what would it be like if the girls had to literally fight for the crown? How much more invested would the contestants, crowds, and judges be? I made a note in my phone and started fleshing out the story the following spring.

Can I make art for The Culled Crown series?

Yes, please! If you do, please tag me on Instagram or email it here.

About Brianna

How many books have you written?

I've written eleven books as of May 2020. Three of my books (The Culled Crown, The Toxicant Throne, and Senseless) can be read on Wattpad. The others are currently unpublished. I've also written two novellas.

What made you decided to beome a writer?

I've always had a wild imagination. I remember reading a book in middle school and realizing that I could do what that writer had done. I could take the stories in my head and put them on paper. I started writing during class, filling my spiral-bound class notebook with pages and pages of story. When I'd finished a chapter, I'd pass it to my friends and let them read it. I was already in love with reading, so it was easy to fall in love with writing too. I've been writing consistently ever since.

Where do you get your character names?

I keep a running list of names on my phone. I have one list for names that I'd give to characters and another list of names I'd give to my own children (if I ever decide to have any). I pick names up everywhere--shopping centers, street names, websites, movies, tv shows, other books, google translate. I also tend to blend and change names. I like to make them up whenever possible.

What is your cat's name?

Her name is Ellie Mae.

About Wattpad

How did you get so many reads on Wattpad?

I go into detail about my personal Wattpad journey in this blog post.

How did you become a Wattpad Star?

Wattpad actually reached out to me to join the Stars Program. For more information about how to become a Wattpad Star, click here.

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