Monroe Benson is marked and goddess-touched. As one of ten heirs to the Eirdian throne, she is obligated to join the Culling and fight for the right to rule—her right to survive. If she wins, she will be crowned queen. If she loses, she dies. 


At seventeen-years-old, Monroe is faced with an easy choice: be dead or be queen. Although the decision is simple, the path to queendom is not. She finds herself locked in a poisoned palace, surrounded by girls all as supernaturally gifted as she is. Even with the friendship of a prince and a wild-card princess, Monroe must ultimately face the Culling trials, and her possible death, alone.  


When goddess-touched girls start dropping dead outside of Culling trials, Monroe’s rebel brother offers her a third option—kill the poisoner queen and escape the Culling. With a handsome prince wanting her as his queen, a toxicant throne beckoning her, and a whisper of fiery power that says she can have both, Monroe must decide what she’s willing to die for.